In the beginning…

As I sit here in my room, behind my desk and in front of my iPad, I type and type, hitting the backspace button more than any other. How do I explain myself? How do I portray myself in a blog? Sure, Facebook and Twitter are simple after a couple of minutes, but writing about yourself in virtually a mini essay? Well here goes. 

As evident from my blog title, my name is Todd Steele, nearly 19, in a fantastic and committed relationship  and in my first year of an exciting 3 year course at the University of Wollongong. My degree is a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies, and I’m fairly certain I’ll do my Major in Marketing Communications and Advertising. I consider myself to be rather old fashioned in many ways, from my taste in music and fashion, to issues regarding society and morality, these are often on my mind throughout the day. Needless to say I am however easy going and I like to think I’m approachable and a peoples person. 

My interests are predominantly in Politics, Media/Business and Aviation, all of which I find highly influential and meaningful to me and who I am today. I position myself as a moderate Conservative, therefore yes it does make me a Liberal Party supporter to many peoples pride and disgust, but hey you are who you are, who knows where I may be in the future with my political leanings, who knows, only time will tell. I have also a huge passion in aviation, I love airlines and aircraft and love the beauty of flight, and too am a former Air Force Cadet. Lastly I have a strong taste in sophistication, as I love my suits and style.

I am extremely excited to be doing this degree and to be learning and developing as our lectures and tutorials go by.

Stay Classy UOW,




  1. Hi Todd,

    I just wanted to say that although we’re poles apart politically, I admire you for actually taking an interest at a time when we’re told that many Australian young people are politically apathetic.

    All the best,

    Mature age BCM student and long-time Greens supporter 😉

  2. Hi Todd,
    I have an answer for your re your question about blog submission. As I didn’t get your email address in class, can you send me an email and I’ll reply to you directly? Thanks, Renee

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