What are the media being blamed for today and is it justified?

What are the media being blamed for today and is it justified?

In an ever changing, ever evolving and ever growing world, the amount of events and occurrences happening across the globe only increases. From a fire in Sydney’s CBD to Russian intervention in the Crimea region then onto a missing Malaysian airliner, the media has an armada of people sifting through all channels of social media, emails, phone lines and contact lists. As the saying goes, sometimes the amount of facts and information can “get lost in translation”, as evident in the video, when a local San Francisco tv station reported on the “names” of the Korean flight crew of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 accident in 2013. The station reported the names in competitive circumstances, in an attempt to be the first to air such “names”, in a clear example of issues that the media is being blamed for. In this bloggers honest opinion, one must account for his actions, and sadly however the media fails to account for their ever growing desire for ratings and a slice of the Twittersphere pie.

The media too isn’t helping bolster their flagging view in the public, with a recent “Poll by USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup found only 36 percent of Americans believe news organizations get the facts straight, compared with 54 percent in mid-1989” Thus this would also account for growing trust and usage by many worldwide to other formats and organisations for their news, from independent groups like Huffington Post to websites of specific disciplines, for example aviation forums for information and news on aviation accidents.

But who is to blame them? I personally want my news of political issues to inform me about THE ISSUES rather than opinion polls about one party’s infighting leadership (*cough* Labor *cough*). Sadly however, that is only what our Big Three channels-7,9 and 10 report and seem to care about. Therefore it is perfectly justified that public opinion of the media is ever falling, that ratings continue to drop, simply because the media is losing touch with what it’s first and paramount job is to do-inform and educate the people of what is happening, not what they want or think is happening. Thus it is perfectly clear that blaming the media for failing to do their job is justified.

Stay classy UOW,



(NEWS1316, YouTube, FULL ASIANA PILOTS NAMES FROM KTVU NEWS) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NMnkcFMc9Y

(Daily Source, 9th Febraury 2014) http://www.dailysource.org/about/problems#.UyJB-_4aySP



  1. I just read this and don’t know why you said you were envious of mine when your posts are obviously so well researched and written haha! It’s also easy to follow and flows so well. Great job!!! 😀

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