Convergence Practice And The Media

The media, specifically journalism and the news,  has always and forever will undergo significant change to its core model and function, and in doing so, has utilised and been the perfect example for convergence. In BCM112, i have been tasked to select, research and account for the role of convergency in a chosen media platform. I have thus decided on the role of convergency in media journalism/the news, as it has a profound and rich history and significance, but in what we know today in convergency, and also the way the news is constructed and broadcast to the billions.

To help me portray my choice and rationality to you, let us think of the media as we know it today, and how we understand it of yesterday. 120 years ago, the most prominent media platform for the general public to receive their news was from the many newspapers that were published and sold throughout the world, each with a vast coverage of local, national and international affairs that large teams of journalists, analysts and editors combined daily, each racing to beat the competition and to have the latest issues and affairs “hot off the press”.

Fast forward 40 years, and around 80 years ago the newspaper industry had a new platform to compete with, that being the radio. The radio converged music, comedy skits and news broadcasting into a single device allowing for audio feed to the masses. Following this was the television, which came only a couple of decades after to the masses, and allowed world issues and affairs to be brought “right into the living room of the people”, such as the infamous television reporting during the Vietnam war, which showed the public what war actually looked like, rather than the blind and imaginative fuelled text and audio reports many were custom to.

Nowadays we have all of these still, plus many more, from the ability to download applications that send alerts to our devices to online news agencies which converge text reports, audio discussions and visual footage, the modern media platform has greatly converged to create a perfect, albeit fast paced and competitive, formula to retain the public interest in news and incorporate their needs and opinions, thus this is why I have chosen converging media and the news as my media platform.

Stay Classy UOW,

Todd Steele


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