Jenkins, Convergence and CNN

Media Convergence is, has and always will be around us. The words ” innovation” and “progressiveness” are key synonyms for media convergence, and yet we hardly realise this, as to many of us, if not all, it’s simply a change in times, a change of technology, yet we don’t stop and think of the issues, conflicts and reasons behind these “innovations”. One man however did, Henry Jenkins, the creator of media convergence, the man who saw and brought media convergence from his minds eye to the public sphere. His 2004 article The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence highlights the issues and conflicts of convergency, and how it can either be used to articulate and broaden the scopes and minds of people, or can be used for mere commercial profit and growth. With such views and opinions to analyse, the objective of this post is to see which if those categories of Jenkins view does the technology, the CNN news application fall into, thus let us begin.

The CNN news app is by far my most trusted and recommended technology for gathering and receiving news articles and what’s what in this fast paced world. Firstly, within Jenkins work, I believe the app fits perfectly within his view of “contradictory trends” as that of the rise and usage of convergent technology. Part of this is the view of two conflicting points of convergence, with the CNN app fitting perfectly in the following statement – “new media technologies have lowered production and distribution costs, expanded the range of available delivery channels and enabled consumers to archive, annotate, appropriate and recirculate media content in powerful new ways”. This is true, as the CNN app has lowered costs for audiences as it’s free to download and funded through advertisements, is distributed online instead of needing commercial satellites and licensing issues in nations thus lowering cost for CNN; also it uses the popular and majorly used application formatting allowing CNNs content to be delivered and available to a range of audiences and lastly it’s users are able to recirculate content throughout the web and social media, increasing the publicity of both the news story and CNN.

-taken on my iPad for educational purposes

Example of CNN apps range of topics and genres.

As seen in the above image, the app has a wide range of categories and genres that allow the reader to choose a topic, from entertainment to finance, it’s all there at the simple press of a device screen. As Jenkins states again in his work-“Convergence alters the relationship between existing technologies, industries, markets, genres and audiences.” this is highly relatable to the CNN app, as the app alters existing technologies (personal devices and news media) together to change the news industry, allowing for growing users of the application in the media market; as it displays a range of genres (entertainment, politics etc) to an audience of all ages who thus can choose how, when and what news they read-a shining example of media convergency.

Thus, a, the CNN news app is a perfect fit for Jenkins view and conception of media convergency, as it no only converges news and broadcasting, it provides a more personal use of the news, allowing the reader to control what and how they receive news, allowing them too to share and tweet articles, videos and love updates from CNN. Therefore, Jenkins views on convergency and the positives of his concept are seen and realised through CNNs news app, now if you would excuse me, I’m off to check up on the financial section of it.

Stay Classy UOW,

Todd Steele


Jenkins, H 2004, The Cultural logic of media convergence, International Journal of Cultural Studies


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