TransMedia and CNN

The world of Convergent Media practises is more than cross media integration and the ability to receive news alerts on your smartphone, there is another aspect to Jenkins genius we have not yet heard-until now. TransMedia Narratives, or Transmediality, as said by Jenkins is the “process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels”. So where does my convergent media technology fall into Transmediality? Or for that matter, does it at all?

The answer to this is subjective and diverse, as I feel that the CNN News app is an example and would fit into Transmediality, however that is after a long, hard examination of what exactly Transmediality is. It would not however fall into the category of TransMedia Stories, as this is more reflective of works like The Avengers series, where individual characters have individual plots that inter grate into one another and include multiple interrelated characters. Transmedia means “across media”, so therefore we see the connection of convergent practices, leading us to see the presence of convergent platforms, thus displaying the presence and practicality of the CNN News app in Transmediality, as Jenkins wrote “I am focusing on emergent forms of storytelling which tap into the flow of content across media and the networking of fan response.”

By stating this, Jenkins argues that with Transmediality, he is referring to the spread of content across differing realms of media and networking by different forms. By using the CNN News app as an example, we see that the app allows the spread of news content across differing realms of media, be it articles/videos etc, by different forms, that is mobile phone/tablet/computer alerts, notifications and access. By doing so, TransMediality allows for prosumption of news and current affairs through the CNN News app, which in turns leads to prousage by these very same receivers, of whom is us.

Therefore, I do believe that the CNN News app is a form and a part of Transmediality, as it has striking similarities to the concept and shares a strong sense of convergency. The CNN News app provides detailed, thorough news through a range of platforms utilising an array of concepts, from video, to articles to interactive simulations of events, this convergent technology is present within convergency and therefore too, TransMediality.

Stay Classy UOW,
Todd Steele


Moore, C 2014 “BCM112 2014 W7 TransMedia Narratives”, Prezi presentation in BCM112 Lecture Seven at University of Wollongong, on 15th April 2014

Jenkins, H 2011, “TransMedia 202:Further Reflections”, accessed 24th April 2014


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