Remixing The News- Brian Williams Style

It is no surprise nor shock that music sampling and remixing is a popular pop-culture past time, but what may come to surprise many is those who are at the subject end of such remixing. Be it Barack Obama or NBC News anchor Brian Williams, these figure men of leadership and intelligence surely did not expect to find themselves on the World Wide Web “singing” Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake, or in Mr Williams case, Gin and Juice.

But how and why is this voluntary, technical past-time ever increasing? The answer to this is within the work itself, it is after all a part of participatory media cultures, a style that gives power and interaction to the audience, and too the composer, of which is typically just an “ordinary person”.

It too however brings “larger-than-life” figures such as Obama and Williams down to a more personal, humorous level, not only bolstering their approval by general audiences, but too showing even the biggest names in their areas are human too.

We have seen the rise, in fact the beginning, of mass remixing through the convergence and growth of the internet, for now with websites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, user generated videos and media generated videos can easily be uploaded, viewed and shared from on person to another.

This has allowed for the tremendous growth and popularity music sampling and remixing has brought about, as convergence has allowed anyone to remix and cut sound bites and clips into pop-culture, remixed music. Thus, convergency has allowed created greater means for remixing and music sampling, going from experienced DJ’s to bored university students.

Stay Classy UOW,

Todd Steele


Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, 2014, Brian Williams raps Rappers Delight, NBC New York,

Moore, C 2014, Rip/Mix/Burn: music sampling and the rise of remix culture, lecture slides provided at University of Wollongong, 28th April 2014


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