Emergence of New Media Capitals

In today’s media academic landscape, the concept of “New Media Capitals” is a much discussed and investigated topic, however, what exactly is it?

Firstly, Media Capitals “are places where things come together and consequently where the
generation and circulation of new mass culture forms become possible”. (Curtin, 2003)

This features:
The process of contemporary television transcending frontiers and disrupting conventional structures of domination
Flows emanate from particular States that have become centres for the finance,mproduction wnd distribution of television programs, such as Hong Kong

Todays Hong Kongs media scene is through years of progressive, evolving emergence. In 1967, the same year the booming industry of consumer culture emerged in Hong Kong, followed in the same year by Broadcast TV. The cities future basis of being a media capital deepened on the influences exerted by migration, broadcasting and the booming cultural consumerism. As Curtin states “Hong Kong is very Chinese and remarkably Western, and yet it is not really either” (2003)

Another example of emerging Media Capitals is the media scene in India. Known for its extravagant Bollywood film industry, this influences the style of Indian news media, which is often criticised. This criticism stems from the sensationalist, exaggeration of facts presentation of news, which is often referred to being rather Bollywood-esque.

Therefore, while there may be emerging, strong media capitals around the world, they too are struggling with the same influences of sensationalism and political/social influences that many Western media organisations face. The emergence of these capitals however help present Groote and interest of media power and influence in emerging areas.

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