The Interview-The Final BCM210 Post

This is it everyone! My final blog post for who knows how long! Will it be a semester? A year? Or maybe, could it be next week? Honestly, i don’t know, but who cares? I am just excited to have provided some well received blog posts thus far, so thank you to everyone for liking, following and going out of your way to comment on them, i truly appreciate it!

So this week, as required in the Bible (BCM210 Subject Outline), I am to conduct an interview and blog about it; this can be a trial interview you have had with your group members and to report on matters such as what questions work, the topic, your ideas, hopes & inspirations (like a 2nd year Uni student has any any more). So I am pretty excited about this, as well as being pretty excited about the upcoming research questionnaire my group will be working on, my excitement is best described below-

Yes, I am Mick Jagger & David Bowie 1980’s Collaboration excited!. Okay, i think you all get my jist and are probably thinking-

Anyhow, this morning within our tutorial, Emma, Kayla & I were brainstorming ideas about our research questionnaire topic. Eventually we decided to examine the role of social media and music amongst Uni students.

We then began interviewing each other regarding some of the questions we had selected thus far. We found this to be beneficial as it allowed us to feel important aspects surrounding such questions. These included making sure the question made sense, was clearly presented and offered the best range of potential answers.

The questions varied from style to style. Some were open ended, whereas some were more closed. We modified questions accordingly to how they suit these styles and also to our research question; which is arguably our most focus-conscious aspect. Each question’s time length to be read is short, going no further than a sentence or two. This helps maintain the question in the surveyors mind as they think about their answer. It too allows it to be narrow enough that it makes sense and doesn’t cause too much confusion. Our options for answers range from multiple choice, single choice and/or ability to be filled in.

So as you can see, it was a successful trial and error interview, one of which we felt relatively happy and confident in- Not too bad since we assembled all of it within 2 hours. GO TEAM!

Thus, it draws this post to an end- short and sweet without the calories. Thank you so much for reading, taking the time to follow, like and comment and finally for all being Old Sports!

Stay Classy UOW,



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