Where Do You Fall Into The Media Space?

Guten Morgen Everybody!

It is that time of the year again to dust off the ol’ keyboard and reactiviate this account after the glorious midyear hiatus. As part of this degree inwhich I am doing (all 4.5 years of it),I am slowly but surely climbing the ranks of the wonderful BCM subject lists. This semester sees myself partaking in BCM240-Media, Audience, Place, discovering the wonderful interactions us as an audience and as participants interact with the varying forms of media, and how this is significant to both parties.

But enough about the subject, let’s talk about me, or more importantly, how do I fall into this realm of media space? Well as I type this report on my laptop, I have my TV blaring infront of me watching the Republican Presidential Debate which I recorded via the Foxtel Box. BUT WAIT THERES MORE! Not only am I typing this while being distracted by the TV (Seriously, Donald Trump should just close his mouth for atleast 5 seconds), my Ipad flashes with Messenger notifications from a group conversation.

Now let’s reassess this.

I am typing a blog post to be shared worldwide via a wifi router, with a recorded television program from yesterday rolling, while my computer in the shape of a tablet and without a keyboard continously reminds me of the virtual group “conversation” I am partaking in.

If that doesn’t seem like a Media Space then I don’t know what is. I am being not only an audience member, but too a participant with my media space. Think about it, even 10 years ago, when your’s truly was in Year 4, the Ipad was not created, Foxtel was coming into it’s age and didn’t have a recording boxtop yet and I would be sitting at a desktop in the computer room waiting for DialUp to connect, not the no-hassles, easy way of WiFi today.

My personality is broadcast worldwide through the many forms of social media accounts, from Facebook to Twitter, to whoever wants to see it and whichever random person wants to add me on Facebook with no mutual friends. And the crazy thing is, the vast majority of us, regardless of age, are blasted over the Media Space in unprecedented formats and sheer number of platforms.

As an audience, our consumption of the media has changed and moreoften then not, we have forced media formats and platforms to change with us, rather than the other way around. My Kitchen Rules, for example, doesn’t just allow anyone with Twitter or Facebook to have their posts with #mkr blared onto episodes for the world to see for no reason; they need you and I to partake within this activities as you and I are now the Media Space. 

And with that bombshell it is time to end this blog post,

Stay Classy UOW,



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