Are You Connected?

Welcome back to another BCM240 blog!

This blog is a little delayed as a catch up between assignments and other duties, but we shall scramble back to the top and get on top of things once again! (hopefully…)

For this weeks topic, I returned to interview my Nanna about her internet connection and activities, to really understand how the technology our generation just accepts as being there, impacts a generation that is only just adapting to fast-paced technology. I remember when my grandparents first got their wifi modem, as all of us grandkids were excited to use it without our siblings bugging us for “a turn”, a dilemma faced at home. #firstworldproblems.

My granparents are connected with Optus, utilizing one wifi modem and one laptop. My grandfather barely, if ever, using the computer, as he prefers to spend his time watching television shows such as M*A*S*H* or Cheers, so when it came time to interview him, his response- “I don’t know, I don’t use the thing.”

My Nanna however is always using her Toshiba laptop and when I asked her to describe her experience with broadband and computers, she actively expressed admiration for “the thing”, as seen below in our interview-

“The experience of fast broadband has absolutely changed my life.

If I need to purchase anything I can google the item to find the best price, the easiest way of obtaining an item, and compare brands and listen to comparisons from other buyers. Even if I purchase an item from an actual store I can find out just about all of the information I need from the internet before I visit the store. This makes me more confident in making decisions.

I am President of a ladies club and I have to organise special fund raising days and I use the internet for invitations, decorations, prizes etc. I also have to prepare reports and these can be typed and emailed very quickly.

I also receive emails from companies that I have used to purchase gifts for family birthdays and Christmas presents, things I would not have been able to purchase or even know about without the internet.

Although I am not on facebook or twitter I keep in touch with family and friends thru email sharing information and photos. I have friends who live in different parts of Australia and overseas and we keep in touch by email which is a lot cheaper and more convenient than telephone or written mail. Although I do find it is a bit more impersonal than actually speaking directly with someone either by telephone or in person.

I have booked holidays thru using the internet and this means that I can look at hotels and tours and once again compare these to find the best deal available.

I cannot imagine my life without the internet.”

The last quote, highlighted above, really stood out to me. Sure, it seems like a cliche midday commercial for Optus during The Morning Show, but it is the true nature and experience of someone who has actively sought and reaped the experiences of broadband and computers. Their house isn’t connected yet to the NBN, and no work has started yet in their area, but for the time being, what they’ve got is plenty.

Stay Classy UOW,



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